The plague of our existence! Thought Shifting is about how to remove the negative inner voice in 30 Days. No one can be happier or more fulfilled than their thoughts allow them. In order to create any change it must occur within a person’s thought processes and inner voice. Thought Shifting is not about labeling anyone
or anything, it is about removing labels, and creating awareness. This awareness is then taught how to create the change you desire. This book is not about telling you WHAT to think. This book will teach you HOW to think.

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Rick Saruna and Thought Shifting

People are not born negative. All of our thoughts are learned behaviors from a system of NO system. It does not matter who you are or where you came from but one thing for sure is that you never received a class or a course on how to think. So really, where did your thoughts come from and why do you think the way you do? Do you need this book? Here is the question to ask yourself. Do you want all the thoughts in your head to come true? ALL of them. If the answer is NO, then you need this book and the information in it. Thought Shifting is a simple to read and understand book that was written by a therapist that worked with 1,000s of people over several years. What he realized is that every issue, every problem and every situation that people were going through involved negativity.
Negativity became the problem. It is recurring negative thoughts and no way of seeing it any different that causes worry, stress, anxiety, depression. Written by therapist Rick Saruna as a manual for awareness, change and to achieve the happiness ones desires and deserves. Step by step, Rick would lead his clients to a place of change and opportunity. Thought Shifting is the answer. If you know you are not as happy as you would like. If you lay blame in anything or anyone this will change everything. But remember you do not have to be in a bad place to benefit from Thought Shifting. It will only take you to a better place, better attitude and allow you to live and love life with happiness and a new outlook.

After working with many clients for many years, Rick Saruna recognized that even after he removed the deepest emotional trauma or issue, it did not make that person suddenly become positive. The real issue is that people have never been taught how to think. In society it is more natural to be negative than it is to be positive. This has to change. If you want to buy a hard copy. It is available for just $25.00 plus shipping charges $ 5.00 USD. We are shipping in Canada and USA only. If you want to Thought-Shifting-Book-Pile1shipping in to another country please feel free to contact us on 519-948-0078 or write to us on   Shipping only to Canada and the USA however, you can purchase an instant pdf copy anywhere in the world.
Thought Shifting has been used by successful athletes to improve their game. It has been used by top business people to appreciate their results and to maximize them. It has been used to students to improve grades. It has been used by people with insomnia to sleep quickly and peacefully. It has been used by people just like you because we are all different yet we are all the same. If you want to learn step by step a proven way to increase joy and happiness join the 1000’s of others that have benefited from Thought Shifting and you will be glad you did.

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